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This is your host, Dalan Vanterpool.  Over the past 30 years I’ve been blessed with amazing experiences, powerful mentors, intense training, and education from phenomenal schools. There’s always been a deep passion to help others and exchange ideas with people along the journey. It’s time to give back in a massive way.

Like many of us, I grew tired of being undervalued, overworked and underpaid. I began to carefully study people who seemed to be experiencing major success and displaying exceptional performance.  How are they doing that? Why are they being paid so much? How do you get noticed by the right people? What separates these elite performers from the rest of us who will eventually get bored, get fired or quit to follow the next dead end gig?

Is there an area of your professional life where you want to grow from average to amazing? If you want to move from good worker to unforgettable asset, then this show may be for you.

Focus the Fire is a podcast teaching young professionals how to transform from AVERAGE employee to AMAZING leader!

This show will consolidate powerful relevant information and repackage it for busy persons like you. The format and delivery will challenge and inspire you to push beyond your comfort zone and confront the fear of massive failure or massive success that holds you hostage at this level. We are thrilled to bring you this powerful information each week on the Focus the Fire podcast.

See you there!



Meet our ideal listener – Angie

Angie is a young highly-motivated adult who is about to turn 30 in 6 months. She has a good education, reasonably successful career and extremely busy lifestyle. She has a burning desire to monetize her passions so she can enjoy more freedom, more income and more time. She is operating at 90% and is hungry to grab that last 10%. Angie is desperate for a way to crack the glass ceiling of being average, and transform into an amazing force in her professional and personal life.

If anything about Angie resonates with you, then this podcast is worth a listen.

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Meet your host – Dalan Vanterpool

Dalan Vanterpool is a private banker from the British Virgin Islands. He spends most days advising high net worth clients, or helping young professionals build more meaningful careers as host of Focus The Fire podcast. Over the past 15 years, school, work and play allowed him to experience diverse cultures in the United States, South Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

Dalan is committed to helping people improve their performance, monetize their passions, and get over working for money, so they can work for humanity.

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